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Our sports psychology and coaching programs help athletes and coaches Get Results

A great athlete doesn’t always make a great coach, just as a great coach is typically not a technically skilled player. What makes top level athletes stand out is a highly developed set of technical abilities, physical conditioning, and mental skills (sports psychology). That’s where RLCM can help.

We help parents, coaches, athletes, clubs, and schools with all the coaching resources they’ll need to develop the winning edge. All levels from under-age to professional athletes can benefit from our coaching.
Along with our online Rugby League Academy we offer personal one-on-one coaching where we work with coaches, athletes, parents, teachers, clubs, and even weekend warriors.

Technical skill is only one aspect of a sport. What we concentrate on teaching are the other fundamental components that apply to virtually any sport. We can assist you with coaching solutions for:

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Australian Rules Football (AFL)
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Surfing
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Swimming

Why Performance Psychology

Here’s why performance psychology matters

The most common reason for poor performance in competitive situations is anxiety. That is why performance psychology is so important.

You can be the best coach with the best program and have the best athletes but if your athletes are too anxious before or during competition they won’t perform their best. It’s that simple.

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"I believe all clubs and coaches at all levels should have copies of RLCM as a coaching resource"

Wayne Bennett, 7-time Premiership Winning Coach


Coaches Gold Coast, Online coaching and development courses for Coaches of all sports and all levels. Enhance your coaching skills today! ... Become Member


Athletes Gold Coast, Online coaching and development courses for all Athletes in all sports. Become your best today! ... Become Member

Clubs & Schools

Clubs & Schools Gold Coast, Ongoing coaching and development courses for all your coaches. High performance is only one click away. Enhance your coaching skill today! ... Become Member

Rugby League Academy

Join our Rugby League Academy for the best in high performance coaching. Our Rugby League Academy is ideal for coaches and athletes of all levels, in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Save time and shorten your learning curve from our experience in sports psychology. The team at RLCM include a qualified performance psychologist Shayne Duncan, level 3 high performance rugby league coach Lee Addison, nutritionist Lauren James, strength and conditioning expert Carl Jennings, and keynote speaker, sports...

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Rugby League Academy Gold Coast,

RL Coaches Gold Coast,

RL Coaches

RLCM is your dedicated online Rugby League Academy For over 25 years RLCM has been delivering coaching education for rugby league coaches. During that time RLCM has amassed an extensive library of articles and videos that are all dedicated to rugb ...
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RL Players Gold Coast,

RL Players

Do you want a career as a rugby league player? RLCM can give you a comprehensive guide to follow to that includes the technical, physical, and psychological skills required to get you to the top of your game, or at least become the best player or at ...
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Clubs & Schools Gold Coast,

Clubs & Schools

Why choose RLCM for high-performance coaching for your club or school The implementation of high-performance units in professional sport has resulted in this structure being adopted in junior levels of sport. High school sport programs are now runni ...
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