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RLCM provide a one-stop membership portal for all things related to performance psychology and sports psychology, for coaches of competitive Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Rules Football, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Surfing, Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Swimming, and more in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

A Brief History of RLCM

In the beginning

RLCM was established in 1991 when founder Gary Roberts published an editorial piece for the Tweed Heads Seagulls Junior Rugby League grand-final. The publication included an article from a coaching magazine for QRL (Queensland Rugby League) out together by Denis Ward, rugby halfback for Manly and Australia. This idea sparked the imagination of Gary who approached the board of QRL with the idea for an ongoing 72-page state wide rugby coaching magazine. The idea was accepted and RLCM was born.

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Going international

After the coaching magazine had been running for a few years, affiliations with ARL (Australian Rugby League) Coaching and Development, NZRL (New Zealand Rugby League), and RFL (United Kingdom) gave the much-loved magazine a wider audience.

Join one of our Membership programs and along with our extensive training library, you’ll receive our monthly magazine ‘Coach Talk’ with the latest coaching information and techniques for clubs, coaches, and players. ‘Coach Talk’ is created to help with development, knowledge, and education for everyone associated with the game of rugby (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom) at any level.

Brisbane (Australia) Broncos coach Wayne Bennett once said of RLCM, “I believe all clubs and coaches at all levels should have copies of RLCM as a coaching resource.”

RLCM today

After 25 years of providing coaching and development courses within Rugby League, RLCM is now expanding to provide sports psychology and performance psychology courses to coaches and athletes from all sports.

About Rlcm | Australia | Rlcm
About Rlcm | Australia | Rlcm
About Rlcm | Australia | Rlcm

RLCM is active on the popular social media channels and continues to deliver quality coaching education via its digital platforms with its flagship magazine ‘Coach Talk’ delivered digitally and a growing database of video tutorials and trainings.

Are you ready to take your game to a higher level? 

Technical skill and ability is only one piece of the success puzzle when it comes to excelling in your chosen sport. Whether you’re a coach, a parent, a club, or a school, having a coach in performance psychology and sports psychology will improve your game.

If you are a coach:

You will benefit from RLCM’s Complete Coach Program for all coaches regardless of the sport you coach or the level of athlete you coach. Complete Coach includes the following modules:

  1. The Holy Grail of Coaching
  2. My Coaching Style
  3. The Foundations of Coaching Success
  4. Achieving Outstanding Goals
  5. Know Thyself
  6. Coaching Unbreakable Skills
  7. Coaching Confidence
  8. The Winning Edge
  9. Cutting Through The Noise
  10. Building Resilience
  11. The Cycle of Growth
  12. Managing People
About Rlcm | Australia | Rlcm

If you are an athlete:

You will benefit from RLCM’s Complete Athlete Program which includes the foundations that all athletes need to have covered to achieve their ambitions in their chosen sport.

If you are a rugby league coach or player:

Check out our Rugby League Academy which will give you access to over 25 years of RLCM articles, videos and online courses. This includes case studies on teams like the Melbourne Storm (NRL), Gold Coast Titans (NYC) and the Tweed Heads Seagulls (Intrust Super Cup) and an inside look into how an elite rugby league program is run within a high school (Ipswich State High School).