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The Birth of RLCM, by Gary Roberts, RLCM Founder

"The idea came from a program we were publishing for the Tweed Heads Seagulls Junior Rugby League Grand finals 1991 or 1992 ... we were two pages short on editorial and I asked them for more copy ... they gave me a QRL newsletter ...they said take something out of it ... It was a Coaching Newsletter ... It was put together by Denis Ward, the ex Manly and Australian halfback who was at that time Director of Coaching for the QRL ... we took a couple of pages of his coaching information ...that was where the idea for a coaching publication came from .... I approached Denis Ward sold him the idea of a 72 page statewide publication ... he put the idea to the Board of the QRL ... it was accepted ... RLCM was up and running ... after a few years the NSWRL approached us .... then the ARL said to put it under their jurisdiction ... that is where the association with Peter Corcoran, who was head of ARL Coaching and Development, began ... that led to an affiliation with NZRL and RFL in England ..." 

RLCM History, by Gary Roberts, RLCM Founder

Peter Corcoran OAM once said to RLCM, "Communication can be seen as the soul of coaching. It is the indefinable invisible thing that allows you to bring it all together."

Since 1993, Rugby League Coaching Manuals [RLCM] published by Shamrock Books has been a part of supplying coaching communication to the Rugby League coaches at all levels of the game. Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett once said of RLCM, "I believe all clubs and coaches at all levels should have copies of RLCM as a coaching resource."

The main aim by the publisher was to provide up to date coaching information and techniques to clubs, coaches and players that would help with development, knowledge and education to all associated within the game at whatever level.

Editorial content was compiled by accredited coaches, players and writers from ruling bodies of the worldwide Rugby League fraternity, so that the reader could benefit from their knowledge and gain education of the 'greatest game of all'. RLCM information assisted coaches with the growth and development of their team's skill base and enhanced the individual's mental, physical and coordination progress throughout their formative years onto senior level.

RLCM contained philosophies, trends, training tips and techniques together with an extensive and revealing look at the coaching world of Rugby League. It brought you the innermost thoughts of those who have walked, or remain walking, the ultra tightrope between acclaimed genius and public failure. Their insights, while not always corresponding, formed an important stepping stone towards a coaching career and provide valuable lessons in life.

These insights usually pertain to being placed near the top of the ladder, but as Phil Gould once said to RLCM, "Coaches should try to be as good as they can on any given week, but they must understand there will be ebbs and flows in the course of a season, both individually and as a team."

"So, really try and keep yourself occupied in the short term, try to keep yourself in the moment. If you do that, each day runs into the next and each game runs into the next and each month runs into the next season."

​RLCM today, by Shayne Duncan, Performance Psychologist

​The restructuring of the Australian Rugby League Commission in February 2012 resulted in the relationship between RLCM and the Australian Rugby League come to an end. As a result, RLCM were no longer able to attend coaching conferences and film them in order to produce the DVD's that RLCM used to supply up until December 2012.

RLCM also stopped producing its flagship Coach Talk magazine in hardcopy and soon afterwards the RLCM website came down. RLCM has remained active on Facebook, twitter and You Tube with regular snippets of DVD's and articles posted to keep active in the rugby league community.

Over the following years RLCM investigated alternative ways of delivering coaching education to rugby league coaches. Gary Roberts, the founder of RLCM, handed me the reins ​in August 2015 and he will remain actively involved in RLCM for the foreseeable future. The vision for RLCM is to utilise a digital platform to deliver the material the rugby league community has come to love over the years. The Coach Talk publication will now be delivered electronically and the education resources will be expanded to provide online modules and courses for coaches of all levels to take to improve their coaching knowledge and skills.

In this format, RLCM will be able to continue with its journey to be the ultimate provider of coaching education for rugby league coaches of all levels.

The RLCM Team

Shayne Duncan

RLCM Performance Psychologist

Lee Addison

RLCM Technical Expert

Carl Jennings

RLCM Strength and Conditioning Expert www.super6highperformance      program.com.au/

Lauren James

RLCM Nutritionist www.eatsmart.com.au

Matthew Elliott

RLCM Guest Presenter                      www.matthewelliott.com.au

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