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Rl Athletes/Performance Psychology | Australia | Rlcm

It takes more than just having excellent technical skills and to excel as a professional or elite athlete or sports person. Sports psychology and tactical skills are just important to getting to the top of your game. We provide one convenient place where you’ll find a team of experts ready to help you be your best!

Our specialised RLCM online courses are designed to offer a complete coaching package that is easy and convenient to follow along with. It’s online and mostly delivered by short videos, so you can learn what you need as and when you need it. Being an online course also allows you to access it virtually anywhere and any time you like from the comfort of your home, or when you’re out and about. Dip in and out of each module as you need it, they’re short, simple to understand and to the point.

Trainers include ex-professional players, a professional trained in performance psychology, former athletes with expertise in the technical aspects of the game, a strength and conditioning, expert, and a qualified nutritionist.

As professional and competitive sports become more scientific, an all-around approach is needed. It is no longer enough to go to training and practice your technical skills if you want to succeed as a professional athlete. The edge you need is performance psychology and sports psychology. You’ll also get access to our experts in nutrition, strength and conditioning, and technical skills.

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Rl Athletes/Performance Psychology | Australia | Rlcm

Who RLCM’s Complete Athlete Program is for

RLCM’s Complete Athlete Program includes the foundations that all athletes need to have covered to achieve their ambitions in their chosen sport. Complete Athlete includes the technical skills, physical capabilities, mental skills, nutrition and lifestyle choices needed to achieve your desired outcome in sport.

Our online course for athletes is designed especially for all athletes in Australia, New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom, for a wide range of sporting disciplines, including: Australian Rules Football, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Surfing, Tennis and more.

Rl Athletes/Performance Psychology | Australia | Rlcm
Rl Athletes/Performance Psychology | Australia | Rlcm
Rl Athletes/Performance Psychology | Australia | Rlcm

For Rugby League and Rugby Union coaching, visit our Rugby League Academy to learn more about our online coaching programs especially for rugby league coaches and athletes.

Want private coaching?

RLCM is based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Along with our online Membership courses we provide private performance psychology coaching for any virtually any sport at any level. We work with parents, clubs, schools, coaches, and athletes.

Skype or phone sessions are conducted for athletes who are interstate or overseas and RLCM members get a 40% discount on the fees!

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