About our performance psychology programs for coaches

Coaches need coaching too!

That is why RLCM developed our Complete Coach Program.

Performance Psychology/Rl Coaches | Australia | Rlcm

If you’re coaching a sporting team, no matter at what level, we can help you get the best out of your team. Your job as a coach is simple. Get the best out of yourself and your players. Your job as a coach is to help others improve and to help your team win! That means putting aside your own concerns and agenda for the priority of your team.

Our online courses especially for Coaches in Australia, New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom, are perfect for any sport such as Australian Rules Football, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Surfing, Tennis and more. The technical aspects of a sporting discipline vary but performance psychology and sports psychology remain the same. Best of all, the principles we teach apply to all levels from under-age right through to elite levels. That means that our online courses for coaches are perfect for you now and as your coaching career progresses.

In our Membership area for coaches, we have our Complete Coach Program. It’s here you’ll be learn how to get the best from yourself and your team.

Complete Coach includes the following modules:

  1. The Holy Grail of Coaching
  2. My Coaching Style
  3. The Foundations of Coaching Success
  4. Achieving Outstanding Goals
  5. Know Thyself
  6. Coaching Unbreakable Skills
  7. Coaching Confidence
  8. The Winning Edge
  9. Cutting Through The Noise
  10. Building Resilience
  11. The Cycle of Growth
  12. Managing People
Performance Psychology/Rl Coaches | Australia | Rlcm

Plus, you’ll get our members only monthly e-magazine “Coach Talk”.

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Learn how to be a high-performance coach for your sports team

When you join our online program for coaches you’ll have 24/7 access to everything you’ll need for getting the best out of yourself, your sports team, or for an individual player or athlete that you’re coaching.

Learn with short ‘bite’ size videos from experts in performance psychology, as well as nutritional experts, coaches, technical, and professional athletes. Learn wherever you go via your laptop computer, smart phone, PC, or tablet!

Content is fresh and updated regularly, so you always have the latest evidence based methodologies available.

At RLCM we also offer private performance psychology coaching for coaches and athletes in Australia. To make an enquiry send an email to

Every great team or player starts with a great coach!


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