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RLCM is your dedicated online Rugby League Academy

For over 25 years RLCM has been delivering coaching education for rugby league coaches. During that time RLCM has amassed an extensive library of articles and videos that are all dedicated to rugby league and making you the best rugby league coach possible.

In recent years RLCM has conducted Case Studies with different rugby league teams to give you an inside look into how teams are prepared from the under 13 age group all the way up to the NRL. The Case Studies have been conducted with the following teams:

  1. Ipswich State High School – To show you how to run an elite high school program from under 13’s all the way through to Open Age.
  2. Gold Coast Titans NYC Team 2017 – To show you the standard players need to be at in order to perform at the under 20’s level and the coaching that is required.
  3. Tweed Heads Seagulls – This is the level below the NRL and this case study outlines the challenges faced by coaches at this level.
  4. Melbourne Storm – This NRL club has been the benchmark in the NRL over the last 15 years with a win record that is 10% better than any other team in the NRL. There is a method to how they achieve this, which is revealed in this ‘Secrets of the Storm’ case study.
  5. NSW State of Origin 2017 – This is a review of the unsuccessful 2017 series for NSW who won game 1 but managed to throw away games 2 and 3. It looks at the mental elements that have been holding NSW back for the last decade.

As an RLCM RL Coach member you have access to all of this material.

Even the Best Coaches Struggled at the Start – Here’s How Mal Struggled…

Behind every successful team is a dedicated and skilled coach. It’s true that many former athletes that go into coaching have highly developed technical skills, but often lack people skills. That might make them a great player, but it doesn’t necessarily make them a great coach. In the same way a great coach might lack technical skill but have excellent people skills and coaching abilities.

That’s why at RLCM we’ve put together a comprehensive online Membership package that delivers everything a coach needs to be the best coach possible and to get the best out of their team or athlete.

As an RL Coach member you gain access to the RLCM Rugby League Academy which contains everything RLCM has done in rugby league since 1993. This includes articles and videos on:

  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Kicking and Catching
  • Goal Kicking
  • Sport Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Rehabilitation

We’ll help you help your team with performance psychology

Coaching a rugby league team involves a wide set of skills. A great coach needs to be able to handle game day emotions and other aspects of sports psychology, just as well as the technical and physical skills of the game.

Our online courses provide a one-stop portal that you can access 24/7/365 via your smart phone, tablet, PC, or desktop computer.

As a RL Coach member you will also have access to RLCM’s Complete Coach Program, which is specifically designed to cover all the bases that you need to have covered to be a successful coach.

RLCM’s Complete Coach includes the following modules:

  1. The Holy Grail of Coaching
  2. My Coaching Style
  3. The Foundations of Coaching Success
  4. Achieving Outstanding Goals
  5. Know Thyself
  6. Coaching Unbreakable Skills
  7. Coaching Confidence
  8. The Winning Edge
  9. Cutting Through The Noise
  10. Building Resilience
  11. The Cycle of Growth
  12. Managing People

When you join our RL Coach membership you’ll also receive:

  • One dedicated Rugby League module per month
  • RLCM’s highly praised monthly e-magazine ‘Coach Talk’
  • Access to Sport Psychology and Performance Psychology Courses
  • RLCM’s fortnightly newsletter
  • Access to RLCM’s library of videos and articles
  • Access to discounted individual performance psychology coaching

Our Rugby League Academy offers something for coaches and parents in all levels of competition rugby. Our focus is on Rugby League in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and developing rugby league nations.

You can also Contact Us to speak with us about our private coaching.

If you want to be the best rugby league coach you can be, become a RL Coach member today!

RL Coaches

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  • Access to 4 Performance Psychology sessions
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